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Unlock Car Service Fresno, CA

Lock your keys in your car or truck? We provide 24 hour emergency service for unlocking your vehicle. We can also unlock high security locks without damage! Call us next time you need a lockout service.

Unlock my car in fresno ca locked keys in car

BMW Trunk Unlock/ Lockout

We have special tools to get your keys out of your BWM trunk! No need to pay for a tow to the dealer just to get your keys of of the trunk. We are fully equipped to retrieve your keys at a much more affordable price than the dealer.

BMW Locksith Service Unlock Trunk Door

Ignition Repair

Did your key get stuck in your ignition? Having trouble turning your key?  Don't worry, this is a common issue with many vehicles. 

Call us now if you'd like to get your car ignition to start working again!

Igniton Repair Fresno
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